LopArt DUO and education

LopArt DUO is a drawing software that distinguishes itself from others because of its ease of use and simple interface. The different strokes and textures available are aimed at reproducing with as much realism a wide variety of tools and techniques used by artists.

The software is geared towards youngsters from third grade and up.  The basic tools and functions in the software are drawn from LopArt, although there are now significant additions and new possibilities. As its name suggests, LopArt DUO allows two people to work on the same drawing at the same time from different places, via Les produits Logiques LopLop’s server. The software enables you to:

Ideograms appreciated by adolescents

LopArt DUO’s interface was conceived to please adolescents. Icons have been replaced by catchy ideograms that represent the actions they embody.


A stimulating tool for fine arts

LopArt DUO is an extremely efficient tool for exploring the ideas and themes elaborated in fine arts education. It is ideal for creating rough sketches, exploration exercises, and artwork that can extend beyond the digital to projects using real materials.

A tool that fosters cooperation

LopArt DUO favors cooperative activities and attitudes within classrooms, schools, and even between different schools, regions, and countries. By making it possible to elaborate activities that use animation in drawing for instance, it encourages an atmosphere where interdependence is necessary for the creation of a skillful art project. It also challenges adolescents’ abilities, and they readily accept those challenges by diving into the software to discover its diverse possibilities.

volcanA beneficial tool in all learning areas

LopArt DUO can be used in different learning contexts to demonstrate various phenomena (volcanism, the water cycle, the growth of vegetables, specific events in history, exponential growth, etc.) or simply to enliven presentations.

Simplicity leading to possibilities…

You will need only 15 minutes to understand how LopArt DUO works! The simplicity of the software is accompanied by a variety of possibilities that can be widely explored by students in different learning contexts. Also, teachers have access to a wide range of documentation as well as Les Produits logiques LopLop’s technical support team.

étudiantsSharing ideas with people everywhere

Drawing in DUO over the Internet is a concrete way of enriching inter-group projects, and enables students to share stories and ideas through art. LopArt DUO offers an unprecedented ability to communicate through art by stripping down language barriers. International exchanges between students are thus infused with art collaboration activities, executed in real time.

Images to manipulate in other applications

Artwork from LopArt DUO can be saved in the JPEG format and imported into other applications to create paper documents, slideshows, video, or animated GIFs. LopArt DUO allows you to creatively utilize information and communication technologies.

The LopArt Virtual Museum, a space for publishing artworks easily for others to see!

Galeries du Musée Lopart

The ability of students to publish their artworks gives a purpose to their learning. The LopArt Virtual Museum offers an exhibition space free of charge, accessible from the software and online, in order to showcase their various LopArt DUO creations.

Paule Belleau
Educational Advisor